Curated.Works: Couture Melodies – Lykke Li

After a little break, here comes the next piece from Couture Melodies. The subject this time is Lykke Li! Let’s see what Desiree and John Anthony have to say about this artist.

Desiree-Harig-Lykke-Li-Stephane-Rolland-Spring-2013Courtesy of Desiree A.J.H. Harig

For this illustration, Desiree has paired Lykke Li up with Stephane Rolland S/S 2013 Haute Couture piece and I find this combination to be refreshing. The colour of the fashion piece has been changed from black to slightly red and I think this change helps to bring out the singer’s personality. “Sadness is a Blessing” is the song choice by John this time and I think it reflects the mood of the illustration very well. Below are their comments on this illustration, the brand and the video. 

Desiree A.J.H. Harig
Why did you pair Lykke Li with this piece from Stephane Rolland S/S 2013 Haute Couture collection?
Lykke Li
is a spirit singer with an earthy tone and an edgy appearance. Behind the mane of unkempt hair and dark eye shadow resides a woman with a soft soprano voice, which characterized with an intensity that hypnotizes the senses. Lykke Li has the facade of a rock star but the qualities of a gypsy. She is a nomad of the music industry, and drifting between soulful pop and melodic acoustics. Stephane Rolland’s S/S 2013 Couture Collection appeals more to Lykke Li’s rock star appearance while maintaining an earthy sophistication.

What did you think of the Stephane Rolland’s S/S 2013 Haute Couture Collection?
Stephane Rolland’s S/S 2013 Couture season was simple but sophisticated, a collection that focused on the silhouette of the figure in a fine art perspective. Crafted from either white or black fabric, the structured designs and suggestive cutouts paired well with Lykke Li’s edgy image. Stephane Rolland personified fine art through the use of large waves or complex forms that match with Lykke Li’s fine art approach to modern music and songwriting. The beautiful construction of each piece made it appear as if the rolling layers of fabric were carved out of pieces of marble. Stephane Rolland married fine art and form in the S/S Couture season.

John Anthony
Why do you want to pair “Sadness is a Blessing” with this illustration?
I’ve paired this Lykke Li illustration with video “Sadness is a Blessing“. Examining this illustration sparks a great deal of fearlessness, feminity, and liberation, all brought to life in this track. There’s a “Look at me, I’ve got something to say” attitude in both, but done in a unique way where nothing is actually said, but understood. In the song, Li refers to sadness as her boyfriend, referring to an emotion that is, in a way, always there and both hated and loved. In the video, she’s seen drawing much attention, showing strength and weakness, fearlessness and fear, independence and dependance. A definite statement piece, both the video and song, as well as the image, highlight the beauty of emotion.

What do you think of Lykke Li’s music? Do you have a particular song you like from her?
I’ve been listening to Lykke Li ever since MTV featured her track “Little Bit” back in the days, grabbing my attention with its catchy rhythm and Li‘s darling voice. A favourite track of mine is a song called “Tonight“. A simple and emotionally driven track, Li has a persuasive tone (the way she sings/speaks her lyrics) that evokes such empathy from its listener. I want to shy away from labelling her as an artist to listen to when you’re in that mood. However, Li has a spark about her that creates a healthy mix of new sounds, pure honesty, and a voice that can carry you into a trance that you wouldn’t mind staying in for a lengthy period of time. This is what “Tonight” does for me, and although I may or may not relate to the song at any given moment, it’s the combination of what Lykke Li offers that truly makes this song unique and a fan favourite.

The fourth piece will be coming out sometime in May. Keep an eye on this site!


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