Illustration.Files: Perfume Obsession

I have seen a lot of perfume bottle illustrations lately but in order to catch my eyes, you must add a special edge to make them look attractive and different. Sunny Gu, one of my favourite illustrators, has nailed this series with an interesting twist.

Sunny-Gu-Perfume-Obsession-Oh-Lola-Sunsheer-Marc-JacobsOh Lola! Sunsheer by M​arc Jacobs

4 perfume bottles are presented in this series and aside from just illustrating the bottles, Sunny has added an interest twist to each of them. To make sure you know how each fragrance smells like, she has illustrated one of the ingridents inside each bottle. Because of these illustrations, now I know Oh Lola! Sunsheer will have a hint of strawberry scent, whereas Princess by Vera Wang will smell like flowers.

I really enjoy looking at these illustrations and I wonder if she will continue this series. If so, maybe she can illustrate Candy by Prada and Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf.

Sunny-Gu-Perfume-Obsession-Chanel-No-5 Chanel N°5 by Chanel 

Sunny-Gu-Perfume-Obsession-Princess-Vera-Wang Princess by Vera Wang

Sunny-Gu-Perfume-Obsession-Sexy-Little-Things-Noir-Tease-Victorias-SecretSexy Little Things Noir Tease by Victoria`s Secret
Courtesy of Sunny Gu


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