Illustration.Files: The A-Z of Fashion (Part 4)

The A-Z of Fashion by Natalia Jheté is finally coming to an end and here is the last batch of the alphabets!


Natalia continues to let the “models” interact with the alphabets and I specially like the Versace and the Zac Posen illustrations. I have left the letter X out from this batch on purpose so you will have to visit NW6 Creative to see it.

Overall, I think this series is one of the most inspiring fashion illustration projects I have seen so far in this year!

Here are the linkes to the part 1, part 2 and part 3 of the series.

Natalia-Jhete-A-to-Z-Versace Versace

Natalia-Jhete-A-to-Z-Wes-Gordon Wes Gordon

Natalia-Jhete-A-to-Z-Yohji-Yamamoto Yohji Yamamoto

Natalia-Jhete-A-to-Z-Zac-PosenZac Posen
Courtesy of Natalia Jheté / NW6 Creative


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