Illustration.Files: #MBFWA S/S 2013-2014 Street Style Diary by Pippa McManus

I am always a fan of Pippa McManus and few weeks ago, she attended the S/S 2013-2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Australia. Instead of showing you her fashion sketches on the collections, here are the sketches on her 5 days outfits.


As of right now, I am a little bit overwhelmed by street style photos because no photographers are creating a special edge with their images. However, when it comes to illustration, things can be more creative and funky! These 5 sketches not only give you the information on what Pippa wore during the 5 days, but they also show her unique sketching style. I can tell you that Pippa‘s face does not necessary look like some of the illustrations here, but these characters do remind me of her artworks.

If more illustrators decide to do take this approach, I believe street style illustrations may have a chance to trump street style photos one day. Trust me, people like to see something different and refreshing.




Pippa-McManus-MBFWA-day5Courtesy of Pippa McManus


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