Curated.Works: Soul Voyage – Part 1

For the past 2 months, Roberto Sánchez and I have been working on this series based on the Louis Vuitton F/W 2013 Menswear collection. We have injected a story line to link these illustrations together and this is something new and experimental for me. In these 2 weeks, we welcome you to go on an exciting and mysterious journey with Lamont, our adventurous muse.

Lamont in Louis Vuitton F/W 2013 Menswear Collection
Courtesy of Roberto Sánchez

“There is a legend about a mountain near the Kingdom of Bhutan. People say that if you climb to the top of that mountain, you will be able to enter a new dimension and find your new soul. However, there is a tradeoff – you will not be able to come back to this world.

Lamont is an adventurer and always hopes to find out if this legend exists or not. Finally, he has decided to make a trip to Himalaya and his last stop is the Kingdom of Bhutan…”

Come back on Thursday for part 2.


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