Illustration.Files: Faces of Fashion by Natalia Jhete

Natalia Jheté recently showed me her latest fashion illustration series and I fell in love the first time I saw it.

Natalia-Jhete-Iris-ApfelIris Apfel

This series is about some of the most famous faces in the fashion industry. As you can see, these portraits are done in a comical way and here is Natalia‘s explanation.

“I chose to illustrate these people in the industry because not only do they influence the way the rest of the world sees fashion but they all have very unmistakable personal styles. Each one of them has something unique about them that is easy to exaggerate and give it a comical feel. Fashion today is taken so seriously that it’s nice to take a step back every once in a while and really see how humorous it can be.”

I personally really like Natalia‘s illustration style as each illustration can precisely capture the fashion vibe of the character. My personal favourites are the portraits of Iris Apfel and Karl Lagerfeld. I wonder if Natalia will continue this series by illustrating more iconic faces such as Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang and Tom Ford. What do you think?

Natalia-Jhete-Alber-Elbaz-Lanvin Alber Elbaz (Lanvin)

Natalia-Jhete-Karl-Lagerfeld-Chanel Karl Lagerfeld

Natalia-Jhete-Lynn-Yaeger Lynn Yaeger

Natalia-Jhete-Phoebe-Philo-Celine Phoebe Philo (Céline)

Natalia-Jhete-Rick-OwensRick Owens 
Courtesy of Natalia Jheté


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